Lead Successful Change With Confidence.

I have a simple process that will help solve your biggest problem in your business.

What I really liked about doing this program with Tim is that he has a lot of business experience - he’s been there and done that - and he speaks from a place of knowing what it’s like to own a business and to go through the same things we’re all going through.

Kathy R.

Owner, The Arena Club

Overcome Problems

Accelerate Progress

Achieve Your Goals


Overcome Problems


Accelerate Progress


Achieve Your Goals


  • Is business falling short of your goals & expectations?

  • Are you and your team achieving your full potential?

  • Tired of struggling to change or make progress?

  • Is there an opportunity for you to seize?

Use 4 simple steps to position your

business or project for success!

Lead the way and accelerate progress.

Move forward with confidence. Position your business for success and achieve the results you really want.

Schedule a Call to Discuss How to Succeed with

the Changes You'd Like to Make.

✔ Overcome hesitation

✔ Reduce uncertainty

✔ Get past obstacles

✔ Create support


4 Steps to lead successful change.

Position yourself, your team or your business for success.


1. DECIDE to Change

Questions to consider, and How to make the right decision.


2. LOOK for Options and Risks

Questions to consider, and How to make the right decision.


3. SIGNAL the Change

Questions to consider, and How to make the right decision.



Questions to consider, and How to make the right decision.


Just like you, I have often realized that “things need to change”. Time and again I encountered obstacles, disruption, and opportunities. At first, being unsure how to proceed, I often made the same mistakes I’m about to share with you here. Sometimes, with bitter consequences.

Once I came to realize and accept that “the only true constant in life is change”, I began to develop an approach that, over nearly four decades, has evolved into a reliable solution for navigating groups or organizations from where they are to where they need to be. And doing so with care, confidence and buy-in from the team.

I have used it to successfully create solutions, develop programs, turn-around struggling businesses, launch new ventures, and help business clients and colleagues to do the same, with great results.

Often with career-building outcomes.

The good news is that it’s easy to learn - and won’t take you decades to develop. I call it Changing Lanes because it follows the same steps you would (hopefully) use when driving.

CHANGING LANES Coaching Program

Leading change can be challenging, and even overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to start or whether you’ll succeed.

That's why I created the CHANGING LANES for Rapid Business Improvement Program - Four simple steps, in just 4-weeks, to help business leaders at any level, to accelerate progress and succeed with change!

Get weekly online training plus private weekly coaching.

Are you interested in leading successful change?

Let's start a conversation....

Don't take my word for it...


I wanted to make some changes in my business but I needed a method to employ the steps and put them into action.

Changing Lanes gave me exactly what I needed and more. After being in management for over 30 years, this new approach to change will continue to progress and evolve with me for years to come.

Bryan F.

Vice President,

Freestate Gun Range

Matt Barinholtz



I wanted to learn more about how to manage resistance to change and get clients and stakeholders to realize the value of change.

Using ‘Changing Lanes’ as an analogy is a much easier way for non-change experts to really understand change and remember the steps to succeed with each phase.

Alison Hutchinson

IT Project Manager, Business Analyst

Hartman Executive Advisors


It's helped me, my team and our customers... It’s helped us grow.


We would not have been able to determine exactly where we wanted to go strategically with an end goal in mind without the Changing Lanes Approach to guide us through the process of change.

Matt Barinholtz



The Book for Leading Successful Change.

NOW Available on Amazon!

Discover the Blueprint for Business Success in 'Changing Lanes'

Dive into the 'Changing Lanes' book for easy-to-follow strategies that transform challenges into opportunities. This book is your practical guide to reshaping your business journey. Filled with straightforward advice and real-life examples, it's perfect for anyone eager to steer their business towards success. Get ready to change lanes and accelerate your business growth!

CHANGING LANES Blog: Insights for Business Transformation

Throw the List Away

Throw the List Away

May 29, 20245 min read

Productivity isn't just a goal - it's essential for business success.

Who doesn't want to be more productive, right?

You already understand the payoff: Progress, prosperity, pleasure, and peace of mind, just to name a few.

But there's more.

Being productive can boost your mood, energize your day, and even help you sleep better at night. Getting things done and making great progress is a soft pillow.

So, what holds us back? Why isn't every day a win?

Let’s explore the biggest barriers to productivity and uncover two powerful solutions to help you consistently achieve what matters most.

Barriers to Productivity

Here are four things that bog me down the most. Perhaps you can relate…

  1. Having too much to do. In his best selling book: Procrastinate on Purpose, author Rory Vaden calls this ‘Priority Dilution’, and it is a real productivity killer!

  2. Confusion: Being uncertain or uncommitted on where to start. Often, this is caused by having too much to do (see #1 above), failing to plan, not wanting to make a mistake, or not wanting to waste time doing the wrong thing. Instead, I waste time doing something else… (which is the wrong thing)

  3. Lacking resources or ability. Dozens of examples here, but waiting for information or a call from someone whose input is needed. Not knowing how to work an app, or having to use an app that’s not working. Does this happen to anyone but me???

  4. Distraction and interruptions. If we could burn distractions and interruptions in our cars we wouldn’t need electricity or fossil fuel. Like flies at a picnic, these two can ruin our day. The funny part is that most of the distractions we face today are self-inflicted. We’ve created, subscribed, and then given them open access to our time and money. Think smart phones, wireless accounts - (So we can be interrupted anywhere), Slack and endless social media apps.

It gets worse

Too much to do
  • Being neck-deep in a sea of ‘too much to do’ is overwhelming.

  • Uncertainty and confusion on where to start is exhausting. Every task starts to look bigger than it really is - which leads to a sense of futility.

  • Not having what you need to achieve what you want is the definition of frustration.

  • And distractions can stack-up like a traffic jamb to halt your progress altogether.

Here is the reality.

There are very few natural forces, if any, that drive productivity. Yet there are many, if not unlimited forces that naturally hinder, or even prevent it.

With all of that headwind, how can we reliably achieve our best intentions?

Here are two solutions:

Two of the best solutions I’ve ever come across are quite simple.

Not always easy to do, but simple and easy to remember. And, the more you do them, the easier they become.

Solution 1

The first is most often attributed to Warren Buffet. A fairly successful fellow who has been quite productive in his lifetime. Here is his simple 2-step formula:

  1. "Make a list of the most important things you need or want to accomplish.

  2. Tear off the top three, and throw the rest of the list away!"

To-Do List

We call these “The Big 3”. Today, this week, this month, and even this year.

While this sounds amusing and perhaps extreme, try it…

The reason it works is that you are eliminating all but your top three priorities.

By narrowing your focus you remove the distraction of a huge list that leads to overwhelm. Which means you are far more likely to move the chains on what matters most.

While doing this is a virtuous habit, another habit that is extremely helpful is to set some sort of hourly reminder or alarm. A chirp on your watch or a buzz from your cell phone.

When you receive it, check if what you are doing at that moment is making progress on one of your big three.

Until you build the skills to remain focused on your Big 3, this can act as sort of an autopilot, enabling you to get back on track every hour and not let the day get away being blown off-course or chasing squirrels.

If you are more easily distracted, or work in a more distracting environment, try setting your reminders more often, (or invest in a shock collar).

Solution 2

The second solution comes from another successful business leader, Gary Keller, Co-founder of Keller Williams Realty. He takes Warren’s advice two steps further…

In his quest for progress and productivity, Keller found that the best approach was to figure out “The ONE Thing” that, when accomplished, would make everything else easier or unnecessary.

In his book on the subject, (which I consider a must read), he offers a progression of thoughtful questions that identify what The ONE Thing is for each of us. Today, this week, this month, this year, or this decade. Professionally or personally.

While “Knowing is not Doing”, knowing your ONE Thing is extremely compelling. You cannot steer toward your top priority for the day, or your life, if you haven’t identified it.


It comes down to Priority, Systems & Habit.

  1. Knowing or deciding, in advance, what’s first, second, and third.

  2. Adopting an approach and creating systems that reduce distraction and enable focus.

  3. Then follow them steadfastly.

These three steps are the shortest path to what matters most.

Action Item - Your Challenge

Take one day (today if you are reading this early; tomorrow if you’re not), and use one of these two approaches to make substantial progress, or complete the most important thing on your list.

See how you feel.

Once you have achieved that, strive to do it again - say, 3 times in the next week.

Need some motivation? What would your life be like if you had accomplished your top priority just 3x per week, each week for the past year - or even the past month?

If you're down with this challenge, email or DM me directly: “I’m in!” and I will send you a helpful tip and some encouragement each day for a week to help you with Priority, and Systems to build a Habit of being productive…

Accomplishing what matters most.

Let’s DO this!

Tim Rhode

Tim Rhode is the author of the best selling book and coaching program: Changing Lanes for Business, helping business leaders and teams with a simple approach to solve problems, make rapid progress, and achieve their biggest goals.

P.S. If you liked this, follow me on LinkedIn, and subscribe to my newsletter for regular tips to succeed more easily in business and life.

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